If you're frustrated from a game or something you read, Check this page to get a random website from pre-selected websites that Two Way approved! We make no revenue on these pages at all, neither are these sponsored websites.

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FREE Emotes

If you use these emotes for TWITCH, consider adding TWSPARKLECAT as the emote attributor.

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TW Mascot - Aqua

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PRIDE - Squares

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PRIDE - Hearts

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PRIDE - Paws

Twitch Emote Resizer

Kappamon Stream Pet

Toodle is available on Kappamon with 5 different animations for FREE!

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Toxic Dump

If you need to vent or get rid of your screenshots that contain negative online behaviour, go to our Discord server and post them in our 🚮 ┊ toxic-dump text channel!

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You Feel Like Shit

You Feel Like Shit, otherwise known as YouFeelLikeShit Is a website that is aimed at helping you ground yourself and use self care.

This website is Aqua-approved!

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Every app has its policy, we think there should be a generalised list available. Below you can find lists of blacklisted words based on their strength.

The TXT are line seperated, the CSV are comma seperated. If you require the list in another format, let us know on Discord.

These blacklists include the common spam words and links coming from bots on Twitch.

Strength/Context Download Buttons
Minimum Two Way Compliant  18+ TXT CSV
Medium Two Way Compliant  15+ Coming Soon
Average Two Way Compliant  13+ Coming Soon
Maximal Two Way Compliant  All Ages Coming Soon

As an addition on the above list, we also offer game specific lists.

Game Download Buttons
Overwatch Coming Soon
Sea of Thieves Coming Soon

Feel free to remove words if, in your community, it is considered a pun or is used without negative or abusive content. Two Way will not take responsibility for any words being removed from the blacklists by a user.